KwikWork Integrator

Integrating IBM® Case Manager and other IBM ECM solutions with line of business (LOB) applications is required to maximize productivity, mitigate user  errors and increase the efficiency of critical business processes. IBM Content Navigator (ICN) provides an external data service (EDS) plugin to execute this integration, however, it is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process because it requires code development.
Reduce Development Costs & Expedite Deployments
KwikWork Integrator minimizes development costs and expedites IBM ECM deployments by eliminating the need to write code to integrate with external data sources. It allows business analysts, solution architects and system administrators to complete integrations in three simple steps that take just minutes. One central point of access is provided for all databases and LOB applications. 
KwikWork Integrator Features & Benefits

  • Provides LOB system users with seamless access to documents stored within Content Navigator-supported repositories
  • Reduces errors by enabling users to associate documents with cases directly from Microsoft Office using existing case data
  • Saves time and money by eliminating the need to write code to integrate with external data sources
  • Provides ability to use large data sets in LOB application lookups
  • Expedites IBM ECM deployments
  • Reduces risk of obsolete code and eliminates the need to maintain code by providing upgrades, enhancements and support

Download the Data Sheet of KwikWork Integrator