KwikWork UX

Organizations invest significant resources into IBM enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to achieve numerous objectives including financialView Demo excellence, streamlined operations, and regulatory compliance. In order to achieve these objectives, it's often necessary to spend significant time and money to customize IBM Content Navigator (ICN) and Case Manager.
KwikWork UX empowers IBM ECM customers to easily deploy line of business applications in ICN and Case Manager without the time, money and risks associated with custom development. A configurable, off the shelf solution, KwikWork UX rapidly delivers the functionality companies require to realize the maximum return on their ECM investments. Built using Google material design concepts, KwikWork UX improves user productivity by providing the intuitive and engaging experience users have come to expect from all of their online applications.
KwikWork UX Benefits


  • Eliminates development costs and requirements associated with customizing ICN solutions
  • Reduces time-to-solution
  • Mitigates long term cost and risk with commercial off-the-shelf software
  • Delivers an unsurpassed user experience
  • Improves ECM user adoption and productivity
  • Minimizes ECM user training time
KwikWork UX Features
  • Unified Display: Users can view content, processes, cases and search results from the same screen.
  • Contact Management: Users can create or import contacts, and attached contact information to documents or cases. Provides easy creation of customer-centric applications that expedite issue response times in customer-facing departments.
  • Calendaring: Enable users to schedule and share events, tasks and reminders without deploying complex workflows or code.
  • Tab View: Provides a 360 degree view of a case, customer or work item by displaying associated information in one place.
  • Intuitive Search:  Expedites searches by enabling users to re-run previous searches; displays results from multiple searches using the same template.

Rapidly Integrate External Data
The optional KwikWork Integrator reduces development time and costs by eliminating the need to write code to integrate IBM ECM solutions with external data sources. It extends the capabilities of the ICN external data services (EDS) plugin by providing one central point of access for all databases, line of business applications and Web services. KwikWork Integrator enables business analysts, solution architects and system administrators to configure the EDS plugin in just minutes, enabling reciprocal data exchange between line of business and ECM applications.


Download the Brochure of KwikWork UX