Quickly & Easily Marry External Data into your IBM ECM System
No Code - LOB Application Data Integration with KwikWork Integrator 

Marrying your existing LOB application data into your ECM system is vital to maximize productivity, mitigate user errors and increase the efficiency of critical business processes. However, this is typically a time-consuming and resource-intensive process because it requires code development. 

With KwikWork Integrator, get divorced from development costs and expedite IBM ECM deployments by eliminating the need to write code to integrate with external data sources. Kwikworks Integrator allows business analysts, solution architects and system administrators to complete integrations in three simple steps that take just minutes. 

You'll Learn:
  • How to Leverage Data from Your External Systems providing one central point of access for all databases and LOB applications. 
  • How to Create Data Driven Choice Lists through configuration that return data for multiple fields and create linked-choice lists without writing code.
  • How to Image-Enable Your LOB System allowing users working in financial, accounting, engineering and other LOB systems to view content stored in IBM ECM repositories from their business application by simply configuring an access role and a search using an ICN search template and embedding the corresponding URL in your application. 


Jay Cavanna
Senior Product Manager, enChoice

An ECM Evangelist with over 20 years of experience and a Senior Product Manager at enChoice who has implemented over 150 ECM systems in a wide array of industries. Mr. Cavanna currently serves as the product manager for the KwikWork family of products.

Recorded Webinar: KwikWork Integrator