Building an Impact Analysis for ECM Data Loss & Availability

30-Minute Webinar

Have you covered your company for the "What If" scenarios?

What if... an error, malfeasance, or a virus destroyed a technical document, contract, or standard operating procedure (SOP) that could not be recovered?

What if... the inability to recover that document resulted in revenue or productivity loss, regulatory non-compliance, or worst case - a business shutdown?

View the PART 2 of this Webinar Series and learn how to Build a Business Impact Analysis that protects against the potential threats and impacts of ECM data loss and availability. In this webinar we will:

  • Assess the operational and financial impacts of downtime, data loss & non-compliance
  • Discuss the factors in defining service level agreements
  • Walk through a case study

View the Webinar Recording:  Building an Impact Analysis for ECM Data Loss & Availability