Protect Your FileNet Investment with CYA SmartRecovery 
CYA SmartRecovery fully safeguards the IBM FileNet Content Manager platform from data loss and downtime by providing hot, consistent platform backups, ensuring fast recovery from operational incidents and enabling recovery point objectives of just 15 minutes in the event of a disaster. It is the only software solution that works with enterprise backup technologies to mitigate planned and unplanned FileNet downtime while enabling full recovery from all forms of data loss. 

Minimize Data Loss 
In addition to performing hot, point-in-time backups of the FileNet platform, CYA SmartRecovery performs hot, incremental backups by leveraging the content engine server API and integrating with the same components as the content engine (including the database). This enables the data loss window to be reduced to as little as 15 minutes in the event of a full system failure or disaster. 

Recover from Operational Incidents 
CYA SmartRecovery mitigates unplanned FileNet downtime by enabling full recovery from operational incidents such as corruptions, viruses, and programmatic errors – all while FileNet remains online. A single administrator can quickly restore one, several, or thousands of objects back to the repository in their original states without impacting user productivity. There's no need to incur additional data loss or recreate lost/corrupt information because there’s no need to take FileNet offline to roll back to a previous point in time.  

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