Recovering from Damaging "Oops" Moments,
Corruptions & Other Operational Incidents

Operational Recovery: Do you mix it up with Disaster Recovery?

Everybody’s experienced an “oops moment” – those times when you realize something you accidentally did – or didn’t do – is going to cause a problem.

When it comes IBM FileNet Solutions, administrative or programmatic errors, corruptions and other operational incidents can cause far-reaching implications that are often impossible, expensive and time-consuming to remedy.
An enterprise backup solution alone is not sufficient for meeting the complex requirements for operational incidents.
In this 30-minute webinar learn how CYA SmartRecovery software:
·       Provides peace-of-mind by mitigating the risk of unplanned downtime and data loss.
·       Ensures full protection against corruptions and other operational incidents.
·       Reduces data loss to as little as 15 minutes.

In this webinar, you will hear how CYA enables Dairyland Power Cooperative to rely on CYA to ensure critical documents are available to ensure power distribution is not disrupted to their customers.

Dwayne Miller
Senior Systems Consultant, enChoice
An ECM expert with over 19 years of experience helping businesses become more successful by applying business solutions and technologies to drive and exceed desired outcomes.
View the Recorded Webinar: CYA SmartRecovery for FileNet