Is your FileNet Repository at risk of hidden data loss?

30-Minute Webinar

One lost document - a simple lost relationship between content and metadata - results in corruption and data loss.  And what happens if one of those missing documents happens to be critical?  supporting documents for a loan or Insurance underwriting? Standard operating procedure, maintenance manual, etc. This can mean lost revenue and reputation.

Corruptions, programmatic and human errors create the greatest potential for loss and exposure and can bring critical business process to its knees.

Take action today and join us for a 30-minute webinar to learn:

  • Is your FileNet Repository is at risk of hidden data loss?
  • Why you need Granular Recovery for FileNet
  • The risks of data loss you might not be aware of
  • How CYA SmartRecovery can complement existing backup strategies to safeguard your critical information

View the Webinar Recording: Is your FileNet Repository at risk of hidden data loss