Recorded Webinar: How to Pandemic Proof Your Human Services Processes

30-minute Webinar

If you are in the public sector and responsible for content services or digital transformation, don’t miss this special public sector webinar featuring Digital Transformation expert George Warner, former ECM Director for the State of New York.

George spent 30 years solving public sector process problems and led one of the largest Digital Transformation efforts in US State Government history.

Don't miss this webinar, George will provide you with his advice and insights in this webinar including how to:

  • $98 million in annual ECM benefits
  • 4 years of 100% production uptime
  • Growth from 100 to 100,000 users
  • Expansion from 1 ECM application to over 50
  • Storage of 5+ billion pages
  • Significant environmental offsets from the use of digital native documents


View the Webinar Recording: How to Pandemic Proof Your Human Services Processes