KwikNAV Integrator - Integrate FileNet to Your Line-of-Business Systems

Your IBM FileNet P8 system likely plays a critical role your organization, but when information stored in FileNet is not connected with your Line of Business applications, your processes can be less efficient and productive.

KwikNAV Integrator is an enChoice accelerator that easily brings FileNet integration to your line-of-business systems. By leveraging the power of REST operations against the IBM FileNet P8 repository, KwikNAV Integrator eliminates the need for your developers to write complex custom integration code or learn FileNet’s backend system.

Integration with line-of business systems is easily achieved with KwikNAV Integrator by encapsulating FileNet’s complexity with a few simple API calls. Thanks to KwikNAV Integrator’s shorter project cycle times, you can save time and money on project development and testing.

Download the KwikNAV Integrator data sheet